August 23, 2018 - July 21, 2019

Produced by Green Room Productions and presented by Phantom Theater, Open Door Theater, Artistree Community Arts Center, & Highland Center for the Arts @ The Grange Hall Cultural Center, Open Door Theater at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Highland Center for the Arts, Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, & The Grange Theatre at Artistree (+ 1 Venue)

Behind the scenes

Nick Payne (Playwright) & Joanne Greenberg (Director, Producer)


Dominic Spillane & Maren Langdon Spillane

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Performing at Highland Center for the Arts for two performances only! July 20 - 21.

Physicist Marianne meets beekeeper Roland at a party. They go for a drink … or perhaps they don’t. Marianne’s engaged … or perhaps Roland is married. Or maybe they’re both single. Nick Payne’s smash Broadway hit play (in which Jake Gyllenhaal played Roland) takes this chance encounter between two lost souls and opens the door to the infinite possibilities of their relationship. Breathlessly navigating through the spellbinding and romantic journey of being in love, Constellations looks at how the tiniest change in the detail of our lives can lead us on completely different paths.

“This play shimmers with the concentration of two actors working together to keep each moment fresh and new.”Seven Days

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“An intimately told story of love found, love lost, love found again, and deep love achieved” – Times Argus

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“Nailed it. It is inspiring work.” – The Herald of Randolph

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In this extraordinary piece of contemporary theater the magnificent acting and superb writing unite to transcend the audience into a place of super-awareness in which we are transfixed, unable turn our attention away.” - The Vermont Standard


"Fantastic show, fantastic script, fantastic acting, fantastic directing. Go. See. This. Show."

- Dvora Zipkin

"Amazingly well Done!"

- Andra Krushenick Kisler

"Such an amazing show! The acting was incredible and the director nailed it - so creative and thought provoking"

- Melissa Story

"Sorry I couldn't speak through my tears. Thanks for such a moving rendition."

- Scottie Brower

"Go see constellations directed by Joanne London Greenberg. It was equal parts hilarious and heart wrenching."

- Caroline Fothergill

"This show is spellbinding! An incredible roller coaster of human emotions. Superb acting!"

- Barbara LeGrand-Bragg

"Absolutely brilliant, awesome and fabulous! I laughed, I cried, I pondered."

- Cassie Major

"The performance was incredible - so awesome. Awed. The acting and directing."

- Margot Lasher

"I just loved it.....if only we could do things over and over in the multiverse until we were at our kindest, our most honest, or until we got the best possible outcome. Just magical."

- Anonymous

"Such an amazing show! DO NOT MISS!!"

- Liz Snell

"Loved the play and the actors were amazing."

- David Ehrlich

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It is inspiring work.

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Charlie McMeekin

- The Herald

Theater Review: 'Constellations,' Open Door Theater

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Alex Brown

- Seven Days



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