The Gray Space

168 North Main Street #7, Northfield, VT 05663, USA

Managed by: The Gray Space

Theaters: The Gray Space


The Gray Space is a new performance and community space located in Northfield’s historic “Gray Building,” the former school building built in 1877. It is currently home to a Waldorf school and several other artists, and is 10 miles South of Montpelier on Rte 12. It is situated in Northfield’s charming downtown area, which boasts many lovely restaurants, Good Measure Pub and Brewery, and Carrier Coffee Roasters. 

Founded by Maren Langdon Spillane and Dominic Spillane of Dirt Road Theater, The Gray Space was created because as theater artists in Central Vermont, we are constantly looking for space. Space to rehearse, to teach, to gather, and to perform, space that is friendly to groups of all sizes who are looking to create. The Gray Space provides a welcoming environment that is amenable to live performances, classes, rehearsals, or community events. We believe that creating physical space for people to come together as community members and as artists is deeply important. We live in a world of binaries and known quantities. Art and performance offers us a unique and critical opportunity to explore the unknown, the space between… the gray space. In this space, things can be unknown and undefined, exist without labels and explored without judgment. This is the spirit in which we offer this space to our community. In it, we hope you find the freedom to create, explore, and connect!

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