The Prom

November 9, 2023 - November 12, 2023

Produced by Lyric Theatre Company @ The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

153 Main Street, Burlington, VT, United States


Behind the scenes

Lauren Genta (Production Supervisor), Gina Fearn (Co-Director), Amy Riley (Co-Director), Nate Venet (Music Director), Ellie Wallace (Choreographer), Becky Millard (Stage Manager), Belinda Emerson (Co-Technical Director), Julianne Doupé Nickerson (Co-Technical Director), Natalia Bastante (Scenic Designer), Zach Williamson (Sound Designer), & Hayley Ryan (Costume Designer)


Megan Rose, Kim Anderson, Bob Bolyard, Athena Chi Mosenthal, Kyle Ferguson, Jayden Choquette, Serena Magnan O'Connell, Jenn Adams, Samantha Paquette, Brianna Newman, MacArthur Murad, Sam Powers, & Roya Millard


New York Times Critic’s Pick, with Jesse Green calling it such “a joyful hoot. With its kinetic dancing, broad mugging and belty anthems, it makes you believe in musical comedy again.” The Prom follows four eccentric Broadway stars who desperately need a new stage to shine bright upon once more. Seeking out a cause, they head straight to small-town Indiana. Through social media, they have heard of trouble brewing around a school prom. Local girl, Emma Nolan, wants to take her girlfriend to prom but a bigoted and backwards PTA are on a mission to keep the things on the straight and narrow. Determined to transform lives and put themselves back in the limelight, these Broadway celebrities muscle in to change the town and give Emma and the whole town a prom for everyone.

A show about big Broadway stars, a small town, and the love that unites them. We can’t wait to take you to The Prom!


Emma Nolan – Megan Rose*

Dee Dee Allen – Kim Anderson

Barry Glickman – Bob Bolyard

Alyssa Greene – Athena Chi Mosenthal*

Trent Oliver – Kyle Ferguson*

Mr. Hawkins – Jayden M. Choquette

Angie Dickinson – Serena Magnan O’Connell

Mrs. Greene – Jenn Adams

Shelby – Samantha Paquette*

Kaylee – Brianna Newman

Nick – MacArthur Murad

Kevin – Sam Powers*

Sheldon – Roya Millard


Hālee Bernier, Cai Blanchard*, Jess Brownstein, George Conklin, Michael Godsey*, Teddy Guerin, Ashley Hall*, Safiya Jamali*, Kira Johnson*, Owen Kupferer*, Maya Kurschner*, Abby Lord*, Eamon Lynch, Brittney Malik*, Aleah Papes*, Gwen Peery*, Jamie Roberts, K Shaw*, Rachel Solomon, Dana Steinhoff, Laura Valastro

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Main Stage Production.


Production Supervisor: Lauren Genta

Co-Directors: Gina Fearn & Amy Riley

Music Director: Nate Venet

Choreographer: Ellie Wallace

Assistant Choreographer: Vonnie Murad

Stage Manager: Becky Millard

Assistant Stage Manager: Kit Meyers


Tech Directors: Belinda Emerson & Julianne Nickerson

Scenic Designer: Natalia Bastante

Assistant Scenic Designer: Tom O’Brien

Set Construction: Bruce Cowan, Tim Henderson

Set Decoration: Cathie Covey, Kyla Marchand

Set Engineers: Doug Viehmann

Set and Lights Visualizer: Tom Dunn

Sound Designer: Zach Williamson

Sound Engineer: Abra Clawson

Propmaster: Arianna Soloway

Costume Designer: Hayley Ryan

Costume Shop Manager: Sharon Patno

Hair Designer: Sarah Crowley

Make-up Designer: Kaitie Bessette


Promotions: Sabrina Sydnor

Promo Wear: Chelsea Lafayette

House: Alex Venet

Program: Madeline Bell

Photographer: Owen Leavey

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