The Tell-Tale Farce

(Production) Produced by Essex Community Players @ Memorial Hall
5 Towers Rd, Essex Junction, VT 05452, United States
March 1, 2019 - March 16, 2019

Don Zolidis (Playwright), Jennifer Martin (Director)

Starring: Katelyn Hanson, Peggy Bonesteel, Carly Bennett, Karin Stevenson, Mark Houle, Andrew Rash, Thom Smith, Clem Turmel, Scott Remick

It's 1848, and Edgar Allan Poe is just coming off the spectacular success of "The Raven." Unfortunately, it's only earned him a grand total of nine dollars. So when a wealthy dowager commissions him to write her a poem for the vast sum of one hundred dollars, he leaps at the chance. Only problem: the man who shows up to write the poem isn't Poe, he's Poe's mailman, and he's on a quest to woo the dowager's spinster niece. Playing Poe is harder than it looks, though, especially when your mustac...

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