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Circus is about freedom. It's the freedom to play, express ourselves, and to grow. To us, circus has no rules. It's a place where we can be ourselves, work hard and have fun. All kids have dreams of running away with the circus. We've already achieved that dream. Now we have a new one. We dream of starting our own circus: our own community we can grow and turn into something we never thought could be possible.

About Us!

Cirque Us was founded in 2016, centered around a dream to create shows that powerfully connect audiences to each other, the stage, and the world. Through our love of circus and the freedom of expression it allows, we strive to create pieces that share our pillars of friendship, play and exploration with local communities. By accepting the uniqueness of each member of our team and the diverse paths that led us to where we are today, we celebrate the humor and vibrance in the varied circumstances and relationships that make up our individual realities.

​Based in New England, the Cirque Us Team is composed of artists from all over the country. Our team of designers, performers, and other collaborators seek to provide a perspective from our generation that can resonate with all ages. It is our mission to bring high-level, affordable circus performances to local communities and share our values of teamwork, the importance of play, and a reminder too not take ourselves to seriously.

We are thankful for the opportunity to share our craft and creations with the world. We recognize that it would not be possible without the support from our friends and audiences.

-Cirque Us

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